These Are My Obsessions: Spring 2016 Hodgepodge

8 months since our last encounter and here we are, or here I am rather, ready to graduate. Ironic since spring is technically when we think of such things like rebirth, reenergization (idk if that’s a word). And right now, whilegiphy I  am still a relatable member of society prior to be beaten over the head by the inevitable cynicism that comes with every occupation, while I still haven’t phased out beauty as an extraneous pastime not worth the extra minutes of shuteye I could be logging, I’d like to share a few current obsessions of mine. Get your reading glasses on folks.

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Said no one ever…

Ryan Gosling 1

I haven’t felt stressed in a while and, in all honesty, probably have been taking it a little too easy in the past six months or so. This week changed all of that. That’s right, I’ve been back in the OR. Continue reading

Beauty Booty

j depp

Three plus years into medical school and sometimes I feel like I know as much as I knew at the end of first year (meet the future of healthcare ya’ll). However, the best part of being a denizen of the 21st  century is that I can always blog about something I do know. Unfortunately, just like medicine, you have to find your own way through the universe that is makeup. Some products you like might not be raved about but there’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes with an old fashioned discovery. After all, some things just can’t be taught.

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